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At Lex Chambers, we strive to be a start-up-friendly enterprise and provide comprehensive and viable solutions to all ranges of entrepreneurs in their endeavors. It is from our experience we learned that at times start-ups do not assess the risks that are associated with the laws of the land. While finding the appropriate partners for the venture it becomes a foundational necessity to have the rights advisor and advisors in order to safeguard the rights of all the members involved.
Through our legal services, we have supported our clients in the growth, marketing, and product verticals across domains. We pride ourselves on the comprehensive as well as multi-disciplinary nature of our services offered to start-ups, and at the ideal time for our clients. Our specific services have supported several unicorns in scaling their business and accomplishing several goals. Our clients include leading start-ups and unicorns such as the likes of Lenskart, Cars24, CarDekho, Cult Fit, Elixia, IIT-First, Kraftshala, Niine, Emoha, etc.
We continue to spend countless hours analyzing, assessing, and advising on issues and concerns regularly, and have extended our undivided attention and addressed the concerns of our clients. As an advisor to start-ups, we have provided business advice, and legal advice ensured compliance and given recommendations on maintaining robust operational health for the organization.
From obtaining appropriate business licenses to compliance with tax and labor schemes, we provide a comprehensive solution-oriented approach to new and established businesses in order to make sure that their legal matters are taken care of.
Apart from ensuring compliance, it is necessary to appreciate and protect the USP of the business which merges with intellectual property protection. In this tech-driven environment, it is vital that the intellectual property rights of the entity stay protected. The Start-up schemes afforded by the government allow special tax exemptions and other benefits; we also work in this direction to allow our clients to take full advantage of such offerings around them and their business. Another crucial element is keeping up with effective contract negotiation and management, required throughout the business. We believe in extending active guidance to the founders and the businesses that reflect the dedication and vigor of the individuals nurturing them.
We have been engaged in representing leading unicorns and other enterprises in a diverse range of sectors including information technology, real estate, corporate commercial, litigation, sports, tech, Edu-tech, and fin-tech.

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