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Ashwani Kumar

Partner – White Collar Crime
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A former national-level athlete, Ashwani has a rare gift when it comes to the practice of law. A law graduate from the prestigious Bangalore university, his altruistic personality and empathy make him stand out in the crowd. Ashwani has extensive hands-on experience in criminal matters. He has been successful in individually handling several high-stake matters for clients before several fora. During his professional career, Ashwani has developed a wide understanding of the nuances of criminal law and therefore is uniquely capable of handling all kinds of criminal matters. He has represented top corporate honchos before court and investigation agencies. He is well versed with the nuances of criminal law and his detailed knowledge of the same, makes him stand out from the crowd.
He left the corporate world in 2009, to pursue his true passion, litigation. Before joining Lex Chambers, he had been working with eminent legal firms and top lawyers. Ashwani enjoys the considerable independence that he has been anointed with within the firm, allowing him to explore his aptitude in unique ways. With this independence on hand, he challenges himself every day bearing fruitful results for both himself and the firm. It is the faith that his partners show in him that keeps him deeply attached to the lex chambers. He is an admirer of the professional approach of the firm and makes it his duty to maintain it.
Lately, Ashwani has been associated with big-name cases and has provided his services to ministers, actors, and businesses. He has handled several high-profile cases across the nation and has emerged victorious throughout. Coming from a small town, he is compassionate to the needs of the less fortunate and does not mind charging lesser than his standard fees when it is needed. A man of principles, he believes in using his legal finesse with both sympathy and righteousness. However, he cannot be mistaken for a sentimental individual; for he is a logic-driven lawyer who is a genius in handling his cases with grace and reason. The case he fought for the Malwa Mill laborers is fondly etched into his memory and he recalls it with keen affection. A case that had been pending for ages and was brought to a fair closure. Ashwani secured a favorable decision and took a shagun of INR 101/- as his fee. His work history is brimming with cases that were pending until he bought them to a fair closure.
He is a member of the Delhi high court bar association and is also associated with several educational institutions. His thorough understanding of the law makes him a proper mentor for generations to come.
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