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Prashant Gawali

Partner–in-charge, Mumbai Office
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Prashant is the partner - in charge of the firm’s Mumbai office, and focuses on media and entertainment laws, banking and commercial laws, insolvency and bankruptcy laws, real estate, and corporate and commercial litigation. He has a rich experience of over a decade in advising and representing multinational giants, listed corporates, various leading manufacturing companies, banks, and financial institutions. Being in charge of the Mumbai office, Prashant looks into the core strategy build-up of the firm’s practice area apart from contributing time for strengthening client relationships. He is also involved in commercial-legal roles advising, structuring, and negotiating various domestic and international transactions.
Prashant finds it easy to engage with others, and clients often comment on how he can break down walls and approach people with both care and intellect. He was incredibly active during his education years and enthusiastic participation was never a second option to him. Despite being a dynamic and vibrant individual, he is far from being compulsive. He approaches everything rationally and tries to locate a solution with patience. He has managed to make his name as someone who is easily approachable and puts forward solutions that are often hard to come up with. It is with this attitude that he drives every case to success.
Prashant is a graduate of Government Law College, Mumbai. He is enrolled with the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa and is a member of the prestigious Bombay Bar Association. As a professional, Prashant is someone who quickly adapts and customizes themselves to the need of the minute. He is neither sturdy in his ways nor flexible with his principles; welcomes learning and uses relevant originality as his secret to success.
It is his dynamic and easy-going nature, which makes him a natural leader. When in a conversation with his long friend. Rahul invited him to join the firm. Prashant quickly realized that it was a perfect opportunity for someone like him who values innovation and professionalism above all. He has a sense of pride in how Lex Chambers is able to provide various solutions under one roof like a single cure for all possible problems.
Prashant loves the idea of travel and has widely explored popular and offbeat destinations. An artist of law, he is an unstoppable force who is driven by a desire to hunt the truth.
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