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Our firm had humble beginnings from Noida, and over the past decade, the firm has grown dynamically adding several practice areas and capabilities. It is with these growing needs, we moved into a well-appointed office in Defence Colony to accommodate the growing team. At this point, our energies were incubated during the better part of the decade, and our partners invested significantly in adding strengths, took challenges head-on, and grew the practice exponentially – horizontally and vertically. As the firm kept growing beyond conventional practice areas, we serviced diverse and niche clients in respective areas of practice.

What started as a thought, today is a full-service law firm. The firm is engaged in providing legal services in varied and vast practice areas. The firm was not conceptualized with plans or roadmaps – rather with a goal and the will to serve, and to enjoy the ride. The founding partners faced opposition from several quarters but were also blessed to have support from their gurus, mentors, family, seniors, and most importantly the almighty. Over the years, we established offices in multiple cities, which were led by respective partners.
As we kept on growing, there was an identified need towards the end of the second decade to expand the offices, and we moved our Headquarters to our current office in Panchsheel Park. To ensure that our office reflects our values, the partners spent considerable time and effort on the look and feel of the office. The space is designed to incubate ideas and nurture teams, with a clean straight layout holding spacious zones, a lounge, a playroom, a well-equipped conference room, and a library overall a happy place for clients, colleagues, and family to visit. With this, the firm's headquarter is based in New Delhi and has offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, and Indore.
To top this our clients, benefit from our expertise and experience as well as enjoy the privilege of personal attention and responsiveness at the level of partners of the firm.
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