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With the significant increase in the number of organizations focussing on ed-tech, the demands of the industry for business and legal support have increased significantly. At Lex Chambers, we have an active practice area on Education and Allied Laws, which goes back all the way to our pioneering work regarding issues relating to the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009.
We have repeatedly been trusted to handle the challenges of educational institutions and those who have an interest in them. With a team having extensive transaction and advisory credentials, our firm has advised international education groups, top-tier institutions, K-12 providers, and ed-tech companies in the Indian education sector.
In the past, we have represented various CBSE Affiliated schools as well as International Schools across the country and have supported clients with the full spectrum of legal services and advice on compliances, litigation, employment issues, Real Estate, and Accreditation.
Having developed deep strengths in the vertical, our firm has secured several mandates from leading organizations and educational institutions in the higher education sector as well. With a leading organization like IDP which administers the IELTS in India, to top private universities like RV University (Bangalore), and educational groups in the likes of United World (Karnavati) continue to trust us and rely on us for their legal needs.
Some of our services include but are not limited to Planning and Establishment of Educational Institutions, drafting all requisite documents, Securing Appropriate accreditation and registration, Compliance of all regulatory laws and rules of concerned authorities, Taxation and Insurance matters, educational project finance, Employment of educational faculties, and Adoption or transfer of teaching technology.
Our experience in regulatory and advisory services in higher education, K-12, ed-tech, and online education combined with our team’s vast experience in mergers and acquisitions, enables us to anticipate and respond to sectoral issues. The firm’s services have been beneficial not just for institutions but also for students, educators, educational trusts and societies, promoters of education and employment, parents, teachers, and professors.

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If you would like to know more about our services and past profile of work, or would like to set up a confidential discussion for your and your organization's Legal needs, please write to us at
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