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When expanding and collaborating business structures and relationships, one has to ensure that their interests will be fully preserved in contract negotiations. When issues with a business contract arise, there is the question of resolving the matter without major exposure to significant liability. With expansion and collaboration being one of the most immediate functions of a business, especially multi-national companies it is only natural for complex and new legal problems to arise.
When it comes to the markets of today joint ventures are a key for companies to embark on significant projects, all the more for those involving multiple jurisdictions. While entering into a joint venture can open up a wealth of possibilities for your company to take on larger projects, tap new markets, reap valuable experience, or leverage local insights in unfamiliar jurisdictions it poses its own challenges.
Lex Chambers can help in maximizing the strategic advantages of collaborating and minimizing the risks. As a firm, we have successfully in  the past helped our clients steer the process from incorporation to operation and dissolution, guided by lawyers with experience in joint ventures across the globe. Our team leverages the comprehensive knowledge of the sectors, and this is further supported by our Partners and Legal Leaders to help you form a structure that perfectly meets your needs, develops control, and processes which best manage your risks, and devise appropriate exit strategies to best achieve your goals.  
Lex Chambers advises on implementing, operating, and dissolving joint ventures across the globe. It is through our collaborative approach that we can help to create structures which meet operational, legal and tax requirements while satisfying the client’s commercial objectives and protecting their interests. Our experts are known to provide all services for the Joint Venture including negotiating with the opposite party, drafting and execution of the agreements, formation of the new partnership and the incorporation of the new company. Our agreements are adapted, reflecting the specific needs of your arrangement and as viable as they come.
We recognize the legal and operational nuances that can make or break these arrangements, including regulations, tax consequences, industry-specific considerations, and advanced techniques for evaluating and minimizing risks. Our in-depth knowledge library has a pool of knowledge in all relevant areas necessary for structuring, drafting, and implementing joint ventures and other strategic alliances. We provide our clients with comprehensive services that appropriately meet their legal requirements, including:
  • Corporate structuring and legal advisory of setting up a wholly-owned subsidiary of a group Corp or franchise set up
  • Trademark and copyright filing for marks and prosecution
  • Human Capital/Employment Docket – Offer & Appointment Letters, Employment Agreement, HR Policies, etc 
  • Real Estate – Legal Due Diligence of identified retail spaces across India along with paperwork, drafting, vetting, and negotiations with Landlords
  • Vendor Agreements – Drafting, vetting, and negotiations with all and any type of agreement. Depending upon the mode of operation ensuring global contracts with stringent brand guidelines 
  • Third-Party Contracts - Drafting, vetting, and negotiations with all and any type of contract.
  • Legal Advisory – day-to-day support on legal issues and regulatory complexities including matters pertaining to employment and labor, marketing collaterals, website disclaimers and privacy policy, outstanding and bad debts, engagement with influencers, ASCI, etc.
  • Litigation – legal notices and litigation is inevitable, as such we as an organization have robust processes in place to ensure effective representation before the necessary forums.    
  • Safeguarding the Management’s interest – by carrying out some basic hygiene work, we have in the past as well protected the company and its management from unwarranted and unforeseen exposures 
  • Miscellaneous Support – given our operations of handling multiple such similar mandates from other international and domestic brands, the team is able to view and review situations/issues from a 360 angle, thereby providing a holistic approach to the company 

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