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The opportunities, investments, and growth seen in recent years have given rise to many complex legal challenges, giving us the opportunity to advise on several matters in the Indian real estate sector. Over the years of practice, our lawyers have gained a wealth of knowledge dealing with the real laws, and have advised various real estate-related entities, including developers, financial institutions, investors, lessors, lessees, and even buyers. We must take this opportunity to highlight the dynamic nature of the firm, where we have not just advised traditional real estate setups but also leading start-ups of which some are also identified as Unicorns. The firm has not just supported matters related to compliance but also continues to advise such corporates on their real estate acquisitions.
Our Experience ranges from advising in FDI in the construction sector, legal compliance for real estate development, due diligence on the property, drafting and negotiating conveyance deeds and other documentation, registration of documents, and advising on central and local laws including applicable stamp laws, creation of security and drafting and negotiation of associated documentation, registration and advise under RERA for developers and agents, structuring, drafting and negotiating lease deeds and other tenancy arrangements. As a firm, we have helped several real estate investors, developers & suppliers with structuring, investments & financing, and Disputes & regulatory matters.
At Lex Chambers, we aim to present a complete picture of a particular issue or transaction and equip our clients with the intelligence they need to make an informed decision. Real estate investment transactions are much more complex than standard acquisition transactions due to the varied local laws, title issues, and statutory approval requirements. Even from a foreign investment perspective, investment in the construction and development sector is subject to several Investments in real estate are far more complex than purchases of other types. This is because there are local legal parameters you will need to consider, as well as title issues and statutory approval requirements. Even from a foreign perspective, investing in construction would require thorough research on the company's credit record.
We have over 10 years of experience in the core real estate sector, which includes managing the legal aspects (including acquisitions/transfers of property, documents, etc.), conducting investigations, and advising on transactions. As a full-service firm, our team also draws on the expertise of tax, corporate and funds practices.
Advice is provided, amongst others, in the following areas:
  • Financing real estate projects, creation of security, and drafting and negotiation of associated documentation
  • Compliances, registration, and advice under RERA for developers and agents
  • Dispute resolution
  • Due diligence on the property
  • Drafting and negotiating conveyance deeds and other documentation
  • Structuring, drafting, and negotiating lease deeds and other tenancy arrangements
  • Registration of documents
  • Foreign direct investment in the construction and development sector
  • Structuring of investments and investment documentation
  • Options for real estate development
  • Central and local laws, including applicable stamp laws
  • Construction and engineering contracts and associated guarantees
  • Our experience in this area is wide. It is all-encompassing and a testament to our consistency and efficiency.

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