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Sports Law is an emerging practice in the country, and in an ever-evolving legal scenario, it is a vertical that is still trying to establish its business and legal foothold. Given our deep relations, strong understanding, and extensive experience with various governing bodies, leagues, celebrities, sportspersons, sports federations, and others, we are able to discharge quality legal support to our clients in a commercially feasible manner. The firm’s expertise extends to sports, gaming, anti-doping, contracts, agency, trademark, athlete & celebrity management, and tax issues.
Our expertise lies not just in Sports Law but also in the rapidly upcoming and dynamic gaming laws as well, especially with the ongoing merging of gambling, casino & lotteries, casual & social gaming, media, and sports. The dynamic and proactive nature of the firm is exhibited by the continuous evolution of the team in staying relevant with the times and having established strong relations while building a robust practice around, licensing rights, equity deals, and transactional deals, which is over and above the general endorsements.
Sports structures have been advancing in the country there has been an introduction of various sports leagues there has been an increase in disputes in the sports sector. Additionally, the hierarchical structure in a large number of sports bodies, from the sportsperson to the sporting club and the governing association, adds complexity to the control and monetization of brands and merchandise. It is by understanding these challenges that we have undertaken and developed our practice in the sector and have developed a deep and conceptual understanding. We are your One-Stop Solution providing comprehensive legal advice with a multi-disciplinary approach.
Some of the key services that we have fulfilled have dealt with anti-doping, policy, contractual advisory, media management, gaming and betting, athlete representation, and risk management. Our proficiency is not restricted to mainstream physical sports but extends beyond that to the technological innovations that have developed in the sports vertical. Further, we have advised organizations in fantasy sports, e-sports gambling, online gaming, casino, and lotteries.
Our experts provide legal advice in areas including the exploitation of commercial rights, new media, and marketing rights, drafting of rules and regulations, investigations, disciplinary and anti-doping proceedings, anti-corruption, sports broadcasting, sports financing, esports, sports gambling, and comprehensive legal services for clients involved in all aspects of college and amateur athletics as well.
Some of our clients include reputed universities, sports leagues, athletes, coaches, and other individuals and organizations involved in disputes relating to sports law. Our attorneys have assisted some of the top sports celebrities in India. The team at Lex Chambers also continues to advise the leading Sports Foundation on their grassroots activation to be inclusive in sports and has supported in the establishment of several sporting properties for the same. Given the nature of our clientele, our practice is sensitive to all information and on all matters, including broadcasters, governing bodies, right holders, brands and sponsors, agencies, or athletes and we provide services for anti-ambush marketing strategies, sponsorship, brand acquisition merchandising, and licensing.

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